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Crypto assets in a few figures...


The proportion of individuals in France who have already invested in cryptoassets (ADAM et KPMG 2023)


The rate of top 100 companies worldwide using blockchain technology


of institutional investors see cryptoassets growing in the long term (Source : Institutional Investor Nov 2022)

450 millions

of investors, or 5.6% of the world population (March 2022)


family offices and high net worth individuals already investing. (Etude KPMG/Aspen Digital Hong Kong)


of US investment managers say they have invested in crypto, 83% too. (Bitwise/ Vettafi 2023)


of Americans hold crypto assets. (Coinbase 2023)

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Our clients testimonials

Benjamin BERTRAND, Groupe SYNALP

At the firm, we have always been convinced of the interest and usefulness of blockchain technology. However, as adoption and client demand is still relatively low, we did not want to devote.

However, as client adoption and demand is still relatively low, we did not want to devote time or staff to this still young asset class, even if it meant not offering anything.

With Alpin Capital we benefit from a support and tools that allow us to meet the expectations of our clients the most adventurous clients !

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Investing in cryptoassets is a real opportunity...

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